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help....good nursing research topic


can someone help me.....we have a subject nursing research and our instructor is always rejecting our title proposal, she wants the problem/title to be timely and she doesn't want the common problems....

I am going to move this thread to the Student Assistance Forum where it is more appropriate.

Also be aware that we do things differently here, you come up with the idea and then we will tell you if it is valid or not; we do not do your work for you. I am sure that you can come up with a few ideas on your own.

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the way to come up with a research problem is to go to the library and begin looking at some articles of nursing research that have already been done. ask the research librarian to help you. most nursing research is published in the specialty nursing journals. look at the referenced works in the bibliographies and find those articles and read them. one articles leads to the next. eventually, you find something that is interesting and has a background of research already. you need that background research.

the wrong way to do this is to just sit around and come up with an idea (or a title) without even checking in the library first to see if there has been any research done on that subject. all research is based upon previous research that was done before. what is timely is research done recently--not 20 or more years ago.

oh, sorry,

im just asking like a tip or two.... not for the whole title...

yup, i've been searching the net for some ideas,

im thinking if we can research on something like on how rural health workers give health teachings to some minority group ..


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...like on how rural health workers give health teachings to some minority group...

Sounds like you've got your topic already.

Be sure to delineate between hospital vs. doctors office vs. public heath agency/clinic. Otherwise, you're too generalized. Also, you should probably select just one minority group, or you'll have a massive amount of research to sort through. Remember, the best topics are those that are concise.

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