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Hey all I am new to the forum. I am really interested in pursuing getting my RN license. I already have a bachelor's degree in counseling psychology and currently have a job. Does anyone know if it is possible to keep my current job and pursue getting my RN? Does anyone know of any programs out in Arizona that I can do a RN with bachelor's degree, or any programs anywhere? I really am new to this so any help would be awesome. Thanks



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I've had a hard time finding part time nursing programs (for a BSN at least). However since you already have a bachelor's degree there should be some accelerated programs that you could complete in about a year (but they are intense all time consuming programs, and they usually don't allow you to keep a fulltime job). Hope this info helps, good luck! :)


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I'm not familliar with the schools in Arizona but since you have your Bachelor degree. I'm sure there is a program concerning you can get a BSN in a accelerated program. It will take about 16 to 18 months. However you cannot work when your in those programs. Also go to region on this website and go to the Arizona section. I'm sure they can name all the schools for you.


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Check out The University of Pheonix, they have several diferent Nursing programs.

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