*Help (Flowsheet on the Unit)*


I was wandering if anyone had any helpful flowsheets nurses use on the floor on a given day. I would like to become more organized when planning for meds, procedures, etc.


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You mean a personal flow sheet? Everyone uses something different. I have name, diagnosis, in one corner, and then an area for VS, activity, code status, a corner for numbers that are med times, ie..08, 10, 12 that are circled, so I know there are meds. Over to the right, there is a large area for notes.

One nurse I work with simply uses small sticky notes...

Make a template and try it. If you don't like it, then tweak it.

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Do a search on this site; you will find a ton of options. Also, this website - Report Sheet for Nurse to Use for Free « Bedpans has a lot of good ones to choose from.

I made my own in Word, it is quite extensive but I like having everything in front of me. I attached it below, you would need to make it work for your unit but it may be a start.

Nursing Brain (3pt).doc