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Help FL nurses..how long after taking the NCLEX did it take to find out if you passed


Hello ladies and gents out there. I will be taking the FL boards (PN) pretty soon and wanted to know exactly where you go to find out if you passed after testing and how long it takes. I hear and see so many things....like CA takes forever. Is FL like that???

I will be testing in a few weeks and I will likely not even attempt to do the PV "TRICK".....that would likely make me even crazier because if it acted like I passed and I didn't...I would lose it.

Any info would be greatly appreciated....thanks


Also.....can anyone reccommend any other study aids. I am using 2 books now

Saunders and

Prentice Hall

I likely am ok with those two but I am overly worried I am not getting enough in......thanks

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