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I will be working with a nurse extern starting next week for the whole summer. Advice please. I love to teach hands on but I have never had someone all to myself.


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The best thing to do is to develop a checklist of skills that you need to review and then work your way down with them..if she/he knows it then ask her/him to do it, if not then teach or demonstrate. this way you can have a measurable evaluating tool as i can imagine you will have to do some sort of eval of the extern at the gves u something to focus on, then just a random 'patient care' catch all...where is the externship(department/hospital?)

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I agree with above post. Also, try focusing on one concept per day. For instance, today we focus on admits. No matter what you do that day relate it to the admission process, whether med reconciliation was done, did the subsequent tests support the initial MD impression, did the admit sheet get filled out appropriately, what is different today than the day before for this patient---relate everything to admits. Then, be sure to ask the student to tell you what was learned. Next day - focus on IVs, customer service, critical lab values--make a list. This way you and the student will have a topic for the day and will have a sense of accomplishment no matter how your day transpires. Good luck!

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