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I am a new graduate, I graduated in May, and passed NCLEX in september. Over the past two months i have been applying to jobs like crazy. I have applied to over 100 jobs. I recieved 2 phone calls but one the position got filled before the called me back and the other one im waiting for them to call back. I have applied to all different types of jobs and am having no luck. Does anyone have advice for me? I am starting to get concerned because december graduates are looking for jobs now. I would really appreciate help! I am willing to take a job anywere in the U.S.


I heard that Texas needs a lot of nurses if you're willing to move.

My parents just moved to Texas and they said nursing jobs are booming out there (I still live in CA).

I'm in the same boat! I passed NCLEX in September, also. I feel for us both. I am starting to worry that I am already forgetting the skills I learned. I wish you luck! I will say that I wouldn't worry as much about the December graduates. They will still have to pass NCLEX. I started applying before I got my license, and I didn't get any responses until I got my license.

I am willing to relocate. I will start doing job searches in Texas! Thanks for the help. I love love love this website! I just discovered it and everyone on here is willing to help! So, Thanks!

IknowIcanRN: I know exactly what you mean about forgetting skills. I worked this summer educating high school students about what nurses do and we did a mini lab where i was able to refresh my skills, but they were basic skills. I also started applying before i got my license and had no luck so I waited unitl i got my license and applied to like 70 jobs! I got immediately rejected from ICU/ER which is where i wanted to be. I then went to looking for jobs on med/surg, telemetry, ect. Now im looking in long term facilities. Its not exactly where i want to be but i have to start somewhere, right? Have you had any luck with interviews? i have not gotten one. I got a phone call from HR and i called them back the next day, and they have not called me back, so i called again to show im interested and still nothing. Its super frustrating because i stay by my phone all day and then i step away to shower and thats when i get my first call and now they wont call me back :(. I hope we both find a job soon. Its not fair that we worked so hard to get into nursing school, work hard to do well in nursing school then take NCLEX and pass and still no jobs come!

I graduated from an associates degree program and since passing my boards I decided to go back for my BSN. I live in PA where we have some of the best hospitals and have come to the realization that every job market is struggling and with no experience it is going to take some time getting a job! I finally got hired after probably 100 applications at a retirement community with dementia patients, I am basically going to be in charge so hopefully after a year I can go and get more experience. Eventually it all works out!


I have had two interviews. That was about four weeks ago. I was asked to shadow on each of the units which I did three weeks ago. I still have not heard whether I am going to get an offer yet. I think these HR departments are overwhelmed with applications. When they called you, did they leave the name of a person to ask for? I am sending positive thoughts your way that they do want to talk to you, but are really busy. Keep calling!

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If relocation is an option, go for it! I have friends in Austin who are always trying to get me to move out there because of the nursing opportunities, and the cost of living is pretty low. Austin is a really cool little city too, lots of culture. Can you tell I really wish I could move there? lol!

Something else you might want to consider-new grad residency programs (I know they are very competitive now but worth a shot) or finding a hospital that will let you "shadow" an RN for a shift...great way to network and really get a feel for different places. Also look into volunteering, and see if you can get a job as a nurse tech, unit clerk...Just as a way to get your foot in the door.

Good luck!


Congrats on the interviews!! Many of my friends who are now employed said it took them up to 5 weeks to get back to them and they were offered a job, so keep you head up! Also, asking to shadow is a great idea!! I just recieved and email today asking for an interview for thursday! im excited/nervous! its my first interview and im trying to prepare as much as possible! I started tonight and will contiune tomorrow! Its at a long term care facility, so i wonder if asking to shadow would be a good idea? what do you think?

As for the calls from HR, they gave me a name and a number to contact. Im super frustrated because the first lady called when i was in the shower and i missed it and called back 2 times and she didnt call me today. The other one, i missed a call and called back after 20 min, and she called me back saying the position was filled a couple days later. I also have called another facility to follow up on my application, but she was out of town for a week so hopefully ill hear back from her by the end of the week. I hope you will get a call within the next week or two with a job offer!! good luck!!


I have already filled out a volutneer application, and my friends are doing the reference letters. Im also looking into volunteering at the Ronald McDonald House. I looked into clerk positions, but do you think they will see i have a BSN and think im not in it for the long hall? iwas thinking if i got an interview for that i would tell them I think this is a great opportunity for me to get to know the unit and learn the ways of the unit and if there is an opening for RN i will apply for this unit?

Thanks for all the great ideas! i really appreciate your ideas! they are so helpful!!

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apRN it's a good question and I wish I had the answers...for me it's a little different, because I'm an LPN currently doing a bridge program, so I include in my cover letter that I would be able to commit at least a year to the position, and would like to continue working there as an RN once I'm done. As a BSN it would be a little more tricky, but you might be able to get something per diem, or weekend can't hurt to try right? At the very least, you will stand out as someone who is very interested in working there and they might give you more consideration for nursing positions simply based on that!


I am so excited for you that you have an interview set up! I hope it goes really well!

Thanks for sharing that your friends waited five weeks. I have been wondering what to expect. It is really hard to spend everyday with your phone attached to your hip and checking your email all day when it takes this long. So I totally know how you feel about getting the call when you stepped into the shower!:)

Good luck on Thursday!!!!

I'm a new graduate as well..struggling to find a job :( Anybody from florida know of hospitals hiring new graduates? Any information would help! Thanks!!

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