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I am currently enrolled at Brightwood College (firmly Kaplan) in their ADN program. Although unaccredited I can still take the NCLEX and get my RN license. After I get my license I want to get my BSN. Just wondering if you know any schools that will accept my credits from this school because I know many do not. I have heard that and WGU will accept the credits, just wondering if you know anymore! Thanks in advance for whatever info you have!

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I can't tell what state you're in... hopefully Brightwood is approved by your state BON. FYI, it is NOT listed on the Tx BON list of approved RN schools under either name . It is listed as an approved LVN program.

So, if you're enrolled in an RN program that's not appropriately accredited (by ACEN & region), you may discover that you not only can't transfer credits, but you may not be able to get licensed in any other state either because that process is usually limited to graduates of "accredited" schools of nursing. Is Brightwood accreditation in process? If not, I strongly advise you to seriously consider going with a different school


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I am in California and it is approved by the BON to take the NCLEX.


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Point Loma Nazarene University

West Coast University

Grand Canyon University


University of San Francisco

and theres a lot more out of state ones


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Thank you so much!