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I am a new nurse with 1 year of tele and med/surg experience. I have my ACLS certification and am enrolled in a TNCC that starts next month. I am living in Boston but I am willing to travel to virtually any state that will provide ED training. Any suggestions?

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Have you applied anywhere yet? Get your TNCC and then start applying! You might also look at taking the CEN exam for some extra cred. :)

I am south of Boston, can't get in an ED anywhere within 75 mile radius including Rhode Island. Got ACLS, PALS, studying for CEN and will take TNCC in November. I can't even get a hospital interview except for per diem med-surg. I took a LTC job down in New Bedford because I need a paycheck. Same pay, same work same aggravation as I had as an LPN in LTC/sub-acute care. It is kind of depressing, going thru RN school, working as LPN, and can't even get in a hospital door, let alone an ED. But, this is Massachusetts and nothing is easy here. When my son graduates high school in 2 years, I am heading out, Florida or Colorado. So keep trying, Lunah's advice is spot on, get your certs, and think about getting out of Massachusetts. Good Luck!!


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