Help me find the best scrub brand for me (male)


Okay, so I have been wearing cherokee brand scrubs and I've had it with them. The cherokee pants are great and I like wearing them, it's the tops I have a problem with. Cherokee tops are way to short, size small is too small for me, and size medium is too big (I have so much room in the arm sleeves it looks like I've sprouted wings). I'm not fat, not anorexic, not atheltic, just average and about 6' tall. I want scrub tops where the bottom wont rise up to my breasts when i try to lift something, and I don't want to have 7 feet of arm space left in my sleeves. I tried wearing the "wink" brand unisex top with cherokee pants but I still think there is room for improvement. What do you guys wear?


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I've recently started wearing IguanaMed scrubs. They are an athletic fit so you might have to go up a size but when you do they should fit ok since they're cut slimmer than the other brands. Lots of compliments on them. I used to wear Dickies and Koi but lately all I buy are the Iguana scrubs. These are the ones I wear: IguanaMed 5450 Unisex Top | Murse World I haven't tried the other style yet. I haven't worn Wink before, what didn't you like about them?

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I'm 6'2" and the only tops I've found I can wear are Aviator scrubs. I pay extra for the custom length (I add 4 inches to size XL), and then taper from the armpit to the waist myself, but it's well worth the extra cash and 2 minutes with a sewing machine.


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Have you tried dickie work wear but you have to go 2 sizes bidder than you wear.


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I prefer Landeau! The pants are true to size and I wear the 5 pocket tops which fit great, the sleeves don't flair out, and they give me lots of pocket room for nursing "things."


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Have you tried the three pocket shirts?


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Has anyone tried the life uniform brand tops?


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I wear cherokee, but opposite of your case, i'm only 5'7"! Sorry if it's not much help, dickies also seem to fit well for men!