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HELP! failing med surg!!!

So the semester is almost over and for the first time since I have started nursing school, I am failing a class- MED SURG. We still have 3 test left, so there is still hope! Does anyone know of any web sites that are helpful? I bought the Med surg reveiws and rationales book which is seeming to help a lot! any help would be GREATLY appreciated!

dont give up. you can do it! study study study.......... use an "nclex" style book to study whaever topic you will be tested on...... also if your book has a website, practice those too.... always read the rationale so you know why the answer is correct, not just the correct answer! GL!


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I'm taking med surg now & understand the position you're in. I didn't do too hot on the quiz & with a midterm coming up, I have been making tables, flashcards (by disease processes) & probably devoting 5-6 hours of study time for this class. I highly recommend Saunders Comprehensive Review by Silvestri as a supplemental resource. The book is divided by chapters according to body systems, fluids & electrolytes, intraoperative care, etc. Good luck!:)

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I just went through this with this same class, my problem was lack of sleep. 3 books though that were great that I used and even had a lot of questions from them appear on the tests, Med/Surge success. NCLEXRN questions made incredibly easy. (this has been a big help for maternity and peds as well) and Prioritization, Delegation Assignment. Don't give up. I ended up passing my final with the exact points I needed.


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Have you tried talking to your teachers? I know, it can be embarrassing. Think it about it this way to be in nursing we have all been over achievers, and now it's really hard to get lower grades. Nursing instructors understand that! They do and they don;t want to see you fail either! Seriously, talk to your teachers and ask if they now where you can go for tutoring or even review old tests to see what you may have been missing. It may be how you're looking at the test questions and not so much the fact that you don't know the answer. Good luck!

try Med- surg by Prof. Josie Udan... it's simplified and easy to study with... God bless!!!


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