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Help with Erikson's needed!


Hello all.

I am an associate level nursing student about to begin clinicals for my Peds rotation. I was wondering if anyone knew of a website where I could get some sample questions that I could use and build on to ask my patients, that would allow me to determine the stage of Erikson's? While I know one question doesn't guarantee the determination i am more or less looking for a guide that would put me on the right track for formulating my own questions and a game plan before I hit the floor. I have found plenty of guides to Erikson's 8 Stages, what I am looking for as I stated previously is something that takes a more direct approach to each stage and questions a nurse could pose, in each stage, to the patient.

Much thanks for your help!

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I'm sorry, maybe I don't understand the question, but Erickson's stages are set based on the AGE of the client, which you would know. The only thing you have to decide is whether or not the patient has met the goal of that developmental stage.

For instance, a three year old is in the Autonomy vs Shame and Doubt stage. Whether or not the child has met the goal is judged by whether the child exhibits behaviors that show a sense of autonomy, such as trying to dress themselves, using the toliet themselves, basically insisting on some control over their environment.


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Hopefully your PEDI textbook has a cd-rom at the back of the book. That cd should have a ton of questions that can help too! I had a hard time in Pedi as well, but Erikson's stages I had broke down on flashcards to help me learn all of them. Flashcardexchange.com has alot that can help. Just type "Erikson's stages" in the search box. I hope this helps!