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Hi all!

I have a question about my resume. I am a casual nurse in LTC. I really haven't enjoyed the work. I put in my letter of resignation to my manager stating my last available day to pick up any shifts will be April 5th. I haven't been able to pick anything up recently because there has been a major outbreak and I cannot risk spreading this to clients at my other job. The last time I was paid was for meeting time at the beginning of March. Will I list this as my last day of employment on my resume? Or the last day I'm employed (April 5?)

Thank you for any help :)


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Personally, I would use the April 5th date. It's the one that you'll officially be 'off payroll'. Theoretically, you could still be eligible to work up until that date.

And just FYI, I never put down actual start and stop dates on my resume. I would just list the employed time span roughly as 'May 2005 to June 2009'. Nobody ever questioned it.

Now on my letter of resignation, I would be VERY specific re LWD (last working day). Just so there would NOT be any question about my showing up (or not). Never wanted it to hang me that I failed to show up on my last day and 'stuck it' to the facility.

And yes, there are people out there who think it's a ha-ha to just not show up the last day! And then it comes back to bite them. Guess who got the last laugh?!?!


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Thank you! :) I'm only PRN so I am not put on the schedule unless I get called and choose to take the shift :)