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Help! I have an interview in the ED in a couple of days and need some advice as to how to answer "scenario" questions. I guess since the job market is so competitive, a lot of departments are choosing to use "scenario" based questions to help filter out the weaker candidates. I am a new grad with very limited ED knowledge. If hired I would have a six month residency program for new grads. Please, any help would be greatly appreciated. Also, I need help answering this question: Tell me about a time you persisted when the odds were against you. Why did you keep trying? Right now the only thing I can come up with is successfully completing nursing school but should I gear it towards a job related task? Thanks again.


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ABC's....airway, breathing, circulation. If you don't know the answer to a scenario question say that you would go to your charge nurse and ask her or him. Good luck!


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I don't have a "scenario" question but i do have some "other" questions you should be asking of a possible future nurse manager in the ED setting...

1) How many patients will you be required to care for at one time

2) Can they GUARANTEE you a aide/tech every shift?

3) Will you have to take call?

4) Do they cover call ins?

5) Has the Nurse Manager ever had to come in and take an assignment

6) How much experience will you get before getting to be "triage"; will you get "formal" triage training?

7) Will you get other ER training (TNCC, ENPC)

8) What kind of training do you get for conscious sedation?

9) What is your role during "overwhelming census"

10) Can they guarantee that you will never float?

11) Do you get relief and get to leave the unit for lunch/breaks? Guaranteed?

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