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I need help working out this problem. Hear goes, The physician has ordered acetaminophen 325 mg po every 4-6 hrs for temperature higher than 110 degrees F. The medication is supplied in gr V tablets . How many tablets will the nurse administer . The answer is 1 tablet . I worked the problem but still not getting the answer . Can some one tell me what V stands for and how to solve the problem. Any help would be greatly appreciated . Oh can u recommend a good med calculation book because my book helps but not enough. Thanks much

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The V is roman numeral for 5. The question states: on hand, each tablet contains 5 grains. There are 60-65 mg per grain. In this case, there are 65mg/gr. When you do the math, 1 tab is correct. Show us what you got, and we'll help you from there.


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Hey Mike I figured out the problem . I was over-thinking it. Thanks for ur help

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book math for meds was what my class used


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...for temperature higher than 110 degrees F...

I hope you mean 101. Otherwise, the number of tablets would be a moot point, as the patient would be dead.

Glad you figured it out though. Good luck in nursing school!