HELP!!!!! (Dimentional Analysis)

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I absolutely cannot remember how to do dimentional analysis from h.s. and I am in fear of getting behind in Chem!!!

I did good in chem and maths in h.s. so I know I can learn it, but the class is going faster than I can keep up with and he is doing it differently than we learned in h.s.

Anyone have any tips? ideas? web sites??? ANYTHING?? I'm desparate and ready to pull my hair out here!!!!!


Love, Zannie :eek:

Don't pull out your hair (you'll be cold come winter!) Ha ha.

Here's one site:

Here's another good site (mostly geared for nursing calcs, but has some help w/ metric conversions which may be useful):

Remember- it never hurts to ask your teacher for help if you are having trouble. Some schools offer free tutoring also (I went to group tutorials when I was in Chem- it helped). Good luck!

Ohhh thanks tons!! I'm gonna check those out right now. I just Emailed my teacher too!!!

I'll let you know how it goes!

--zannie :)

You're welcome, zannie.

Here's one more site I found:

Keep in touch.

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