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Help! Did Bad on the TEAS :(


Hey guys, so I took the TEAS back in June and here are my stats:

Reading score: 63.8%

Science score: 46.8%

Math score: 84.4 %

English score: 75%

Total Adjusted Score: 64.7%

I have been devastated ever since, however, I did score in the 60's for all sections when I did the practice exams. Also, I studied very last minute which I can admit to. Now I'm taking the exam again on the 31st and I'm freaking out. I used to TEAS Secrets book by Mometrix (the yellow book) and I don't feel like it helped much when it came to the science section. Also, I had to rush with the Reading section because I didn't have much time. I just want to improve my Science section most of all :(

Hey I had the same problem I scored a 71.3 here were my individual scores

Reading: 83

Math: 84

Science: 57


Then I got an 80 the second time

Reading Score: 83.0%

Math Score: 78.1%

Science Score: 89.4%

English and Language Usage Score: 66.7%

People are always suggesting it but it really does help. Crash Course videos are the best. Also breaking down each chapter like for example I did a different system a day really helps. But I also gave myself month to prepare. ATI TEAS Strategies, Practice & Review with 2 Practice Tests: Online + Book is amazing. It goes into so much detail for the science portion but not so much where its giving you a lot of unnessary info. Gives you advice on how a professional would eliminate the questions. I believe with the combination of this book and Crash Course I was able to get a 89 on the science portion. You do not have to buy it. I actually went to Barns and Nobel and picked up any TEAS study guides and sat there doing the problems.

There is also TEAS mastery and Pocket Prep for smart phones.

Granted, I'm scheduled to take my first stab @ the exam tomorrow. However, I recommend biting the financial bullet & getting the ATI Smart Prep. You take a pre-test, which gives you a baseline of your weaknesses & they customize a learning plan for you for each section. You go through each learning module & at the end there are (5) question post quizzes. After completing all of the modules, they give you another post test. & if you are still struggling they give you another set of module quizzes, & a post test. What's nice is that you can always get the expanded modules for review. Included also are (2) full-timed TEAS exams plus the study manual. From my experience, it has been very helpful in solidifying the information, especially the science portion. In conjunction, I have being augmenting w/ the Kaplan, Mometrix books, & my old Tortora anatomy book from Anat. 1 & 2. There was a 20% code back in July & may still be active. I have only been studying in earnest for about (15) days so I'm planning on likely retesting for the last time 10/4. Good luck tomorrow! :-)

Hi there!!!!

I took my teas and did BADDDD!!!! So upset about this!! I don't think I was well prepared. Now I have been doing more research on how others approached this exam.

Math is my weakness, and the reading I was running out of time!

So my question is do you honestly recommend to just buy the ATI teas smart prep course? Also I have the mometrix book teas book. The yellow one, do you think that will be a good one?

Hi there

So I took my teas on monday and I did BADDDD! I guess I was not as prepared as I thought I was. I did poorly on math and the reading mainly because I was running out of time and felt overwhelmed.

My question is do you honestly think purchasing the ATI TEAS SMART PREP COURSE? I HAVE the momemtrix book, the yellow one. Do you think The ATI study manual will just be better ?

@NurseLib13 Yes the yellow book is great for the exam - especially for the math and watching the Mometrix videos on youtube. I must admit though, I skimmed through the reading, science, and language sections since I studied so last minute so it's no wonder that I got a terrible score. Now I've been studying the book the right way and am doing much better on the practice tests.