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Help! Deciding between a job in a prestigious vs regular hospital.

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I have been very fortunate, after a year away from nursing completing my MSN, I have two job offers on the table. One being with Stanford hospital and the second with a hospital in the bay area.

I really liked the atmosphere, people, shift schedule, higher pay and location of the second hospital in the bay area. I committed to this second hospital and agreed to employment. However I just found out I also have an offer from Stanford. This is eating away at me because well...its Stanford. The reputation alone would open doors in academia or the workplace.

I do not know why they would hire me. I left the interview feeling like I wasn't quite good enough - and for some reason they want me :eek:. I guess I didn't expect them to offer the job. However, aside from feeling very flattered there are some negatives with the offer - the pay is less, the work week is longer, less nursing support and not quite the area I'm specialized in...

I really need some advise, I've worked my buns off and finally have two wonderful offers. However I cannot make a decision. I'm spending too much time weighing out my options and not enough time making a decision!

Any input would be a blessing. How important is reputation really...:yawn:

Thank you :S

Miss. Stressed.

In the end it all abiut where you'd be happier the most. A known name does not always a good environment make. Your list is also telling.Choose well

My boyfriend's sister did her new grad program at Stanford and she HATED it there. She said the environment wasn't very supportive for new nurses. Since Stanford doesn't have a nursing school (other than the PA/FNP program), they are more focused on their Med students...who think they're gods gift to the world. She couldn't handle the pretentious attitudes, and couldn't get out of there fast enough. She now works for Kaiser in the Bay Area and finds it worlds better.

However, I also know an RN who did her new grad program at Stanford in Oncology and LOVED it. She said the staff was incredibly supportive of each other, and she was really happy there. She specifically went to Stanford b/c of their Oncology program, and she got what she was looking for.

I think a lot rides on your personal goals and who your fellow RN's are...Did you get a good feeling about the people you'd be working with at Stanford? Will they support you on your career path? Try to base your decision on where you'll be happiest. Prestige and "name-schools" are horribly over-rated.

I'd totally take a Bay Area position over Palo Alto any day...

Good luck on your choice! Congratulations on your good fortune in such a tight job market!!!

I'm so sorry!

I just realized you posted that your were out of nursing a year getting your MSN, and I was focusing on new-grad programs. I'd still say a lot of what I posted initially is true:

~Follow your heart, do what makes you happy

~Make sure you've got good co-workers

~The prestige of big-name schools is over-rated!!


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I don't know what hospital "b" is - but I've worked at stanford and it is my gold standard of how a hospital should treat nurses!!!!!! I don't know what unit you are looking at but as a whole - they treat their nurses rreeaalllyy well.

It is a big decision. Stanford has a huge name - it is super organized and does treat nurses well. They have the resources for nurses to do a good job. It is a magnet hospital. Parking is expensive though. Your "other" hospital may very well offer all of that as well. There can be an air of elitism at Stanford though, and for some people that's hard to swallow.


Has 15 years experience.

Yeah its a difficult decision! I get a better feel with the second hospital, just liked it all right from the start. Everyone was so smiley and pleasant.

If both were regular hospitals, there would be no debate. I'd go with the second hospital. However, I wonder what doors a good reputation would open. Everyone has said go to Stanford. So now, I feel simply silly if I don't. I don't want to make a big mistake.


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