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I'm trying to get a position for the CVOR. I have an interview for the CVOR position in a few days.  I have no experience in the OR. Any ideas that will help me obtain this position, or things to say to impress the leaders? Thanks!

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Without actually stating questions that are asked in the interviews I sit in on, be prepared to talk about:

  • Your reason for being interested in the OR, and since you're applying to a specific service, why that service.
  • Research the facility and what they offer
  • Research what an OR nurse really does. No, it's not just sitting around and waiting for the surgeon to ask for something (someone literally said this, just in different terms). What specifically happens once you've crossed the red line on the floor?
  • Take a look at the common interview questions thread - trust me, the OR asks the same questions as a lot of other units. We look for how you will fit into the unit, especially knowing that you will have to learn a lot since you have no OR experience and don't really get exposure during nursing school.

If you can fog a mirror you can get a job in the CVOR at my hospital...

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