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I am currently a sophomore at Hunter College and I'm trying to hopefully apply to their nursing program this spring 2011, but the thing that keeps bothering me is the fact that I got a D in Organic chemistry, which I didn't think I deserved cause I know I did good on my final. The students complained about the professor because after we took the final, he wouldn't give us our grades & their were always errors when he graded our other exams. When people went to look for him he was nowhere to be found and wouldn't apply to emails or anything. When this was made know to the chem department all they said was keep emailing him. I've talk to the advisers and they said that if I retake the class and get a better grade, I'll be fine and I can apply to get into the nursing program. But I feel like even if I get an A, I might not get in because of that one D that screwed me over and it looks bad.I don 't know what I should do, I've been having anxiety attacks because I really need this it's always been my passion to be a nurse and also to have stable source of income to support my mom and the family because as of right now we're not making enough to get by. Would my chances be slim to none of being able to apply or getting accepted? Thanks so much.

You really should speak with an admissions counselor at Hunter. Explain your situation and they should tell you what your best course of action should be. Good Luck!

I would love to know the answer to this question as well. I, too, received a D last semester. I was beside myself. I am taking it *again* currently with the same professor and I am going through tremendous amounts of anxiety over this. I am paying a lot of money for tutoring and taking advantage of free tutoring as well but it's still so stressful.

I would love to know if this is worth it or not. I totally relate to what you are going through. This has really, in a sense, ruined this entire year for me. It was the ONLY class I still needed to get into the program and I received As in every other science pre-req and my cumulative GPA was decent and my NLN score was competitive. To have everything rest on this class when the conditions for teaching are so incredibly awful is the worst thing in the world. It's even made me consider giving up my dream because I need this class to get into most any other BSN program here in NYC (despite being a whiz at absolutely everything else).

Sadly girls your story isn't a new one.

Every nursing or pre-nursing student who feels she/he didn't get the grade deserved has a reason (and I'm not blaming anyone), and both the nursing department and others have heard all this before.

If the teacher is truly that horrible, and the entire class rises up and takes action, then *perhaps* something can be done. That is still a very big *perhaps*, as colleges/universities do not by and large like reversing grades. I mean they cannot force the instructor to submitt different grades.

Hunter College has a very clear grade appeal process. If have done so and a decision was reached not in your favour, there is nothing to do but move on. OTHO, if you haven't gone this route, then it is the proper place to start.

If you can repeat the chem class with no harm to your standing (provided the next grade is above a "D"), and application to the nursing program, then that is really your only option. While both grades will remain on your transcript, and that "D" will hurt your overall GPA, you need to find out if the nursing department will look at both grades, or just the highest. Also find out if repeating this science course uses any options given for future "problems". Most nursing programs have strict limits on how many classes a student can repeat.

Is organic chem that difficult? Im taking it next semester. Theres supposedly 400 students...

Which professor is this? What is the breakdown of the grades?? Like how many exams do you have and what is it worth!?

Is organic chem that difficult? Im taking it next semester. Theres supposedly 400 students...

IIRC and unless things have changed all Health Science/nursing majors at Hunter take the same OC class, hence the size. It isn't a "chemistry for nurses" type of class but taught to the standard level of a four year university/college.

Being as all that may, in terms of difficulty OC can be easy or not, it all depends upon how good one is with that sort of thing. A firm grasp of algebra is essential IMHO for OC otherwise one can become quite lost.

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