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Hieveryone. . . . I was wondering how many of you all are going straight to work in a hospital after you graduate or are some of you thinking about working for a doctor in private practice or a clinic instead?

I am torn between hospital and clinic for personal reasons and I could sure use some input from the rest of you. Thanks!!!!


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Maybe doctor's office for me since that's what I'm used to. I like the fact that I get most holidays off and they're more flexible. But personally, I think you'll learn a lot more in a hospital IMHO.


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I plan to work at a hospital after I finish nursing school. However, I do plan to work in an office in the future whenever I become a PA.

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I'd love to work in the hospital, but then again i haven't even started a nursing program yet! I'm not to keen of the idea of working in a dr's office. From what i've observed, it seems to be a little boring here in my rural towns. Maybe experienced nurse's can give me pro's & cons about the clincs vs hospitals?


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I'm going to work in a clinic, because I think it will be an easier environment for me personally to work in...not as dirty, easier on my body, holidays off, weekends off, more flexible.

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My plan was to start in a hospital. I figured that it would be a good place to perfect my assessment and practice some of the basic skills. I figured I would give it at least a year, see how I like it and then possibly move on to another area of nursing.

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