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Okay so I’m trying to complete all my pre-reqs by this time next year. This Summer I’m taking US GOV, TX GOV, and lifespan. Then I’ll need 34 more credit hours. Those courses needed are: history II, statistics, nutrition, chem + lab, Microbiology + lab, A&P I + lab, A&P II + lab, women’s studies, wellness course, and a philosophy OR cultural course. How should I take these to make them the most simple? Should I just take A&P I and II + labs this Summer to eliminate those from the mess of classes coming up? Orrr? Help please thank you ?

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I remember the mess of trying to fit all my pre-reqs in! It is no fun task...especially with advisors who don't understand a pre-nursing courseload ? I personally would structure it like this:

Summer 2020:

US Gov

TX Gov

Life Span

A&P I + lab

Fall 2020:

History II




A&P II + lab

Spring 2020:

Chemistry + lab

Microbiology + lab

Women's studies


Best of luck!


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I agree my academic advisor told me I have to much on my plate and I need to stop rushing and take less courses but if what I have is to much then I don't need to be a Nurse.

Summer 2020

Biol 1104 + Lab

World Lit 2

Critical Thinking

American Government

Fall 2020

AP 1 + Lab

Intro to Sociology


Survey of U.S History

Spring 2021

AP 2 + Lab

Micro + Lab

I'm determined to be a Nurse then Nurse Practitioner and this is load is mentally and physically prepare me for the nursing program.