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Help with carrington college


Hi all, I am looking for a current student in a carrington college lpn to rn bridge program to tell me their curriculum. The website is very vague and I don't want to give them my phone number and email until I find out if they are even worth my trouble. I have my LPN through Boise State University 16 years ago and since then have obtained about 70 college credits taking classes thru Excelsior and Boise State. I'm wondering if someone can tell me if I can get out of some of the bridge classes if I've already taken them thru another college. Obviously, all nursing theory/fundamentals classes and all clinicals are required. But I'm wondering if there are other classes I could opt out of......

I graduated from there 2 years ago and they let you transfer credits but only a certain amount, 12 I think. The program was great and since I had an associate degree from another college I went on to BSU and got my BSN. I didn't think they were pushy at all but very helpful. Good luck and go for it!

That's great to hear. I'd like to go to BSU for my BSN as well. I went ahead and met with them. I'm waiting for my transcript eval to be done before I take the entrance exam. Thanks for your help!

I graduated from there in Aug. I transferred my LPN nursing classes in and pretty much all my gen ed classes. Carrington embeds the general education classes throughout the program. If you have already taken Ap alegebra ect. Then these will transfer in. For myself the ability to transfer in classes made the program cost very reasonable.I would have spent longer and the cost would have been the same for me to attend CC because the requirements are less in terms of general education at Carrington. This is a great school that offers a great program that prepares students for their careers:) good luck!!

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