HELP! Californa nurse moving to houston or nevada

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Hi guys! I am currently working as a nurse in california and is thinking of moving to houston or nevada. I need some advice on which is a better option. Is there anyone here who lived in california and moved to one of those states? How are you liking it out there?

Better in what way(s)? All I know for sure if that you won't have mandated ratios in any state except California. I had a lot more patients in Texas, but I was further south than Houston.

Hi, let me know when you decide which area you chose. We have full time nursing jobs in both states. I would love to help you get hired.


Lina C.

Working as a nurse and the lifestyle..some of my coworkers who came from texas said they hated working there because they have so many also having a hard time letting go of the beautiful weather and beaches here in socal but it is getting very expensive now

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