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I'm going back to LTC, and I feel like I struggled with a lot of basic nursing things that I should know, being a nurse for three years now. I know how to pass meds, take vitals etc...but I still struggle with things such as lab values, knowing when they're critical, ordering labs, missing treatments, knowing different types of dressings, and just knowing when to check certain things. I remember being good at night shift duties, but day shift stuff I feel like I'm running around with my head cut off, trying to figure out when it's important to finish my giant med pass or call the doctor.

I know in a nursing home, things are fairly the same every day (I'll be doing 7p-7a), but I want to learn more and be better than I was when I was previously in this nursing home.

Should I ask to be retrained on certain things? It's quite embarrassing, but I feel like it would help me and my residents greatly.

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Merely the fact that one identifies areas in which one is not strong in has the earmarks of someone who wants to be a good nurse. 

The second step of the problem-solving process is gathering data, and by reaching out and asking for advice or guidance is a prudent maneuver, Lynker.

Working the day shift is always more hectic than midnights. It's one of the reasons that I chose to work midnights for about half of my career. Less distractions and more time with patients and duties are benefits.

As far as the areas which are not a forte, "Practice provides opportunity for possible improvement". I found LTC more of a meat & potatoes kind of nursing. The basics are priorities, and we do what we can to meet our responsibilities.

Following a mentor who is good at their job, open to questions, and lends assistance is gold.

Good luck, Lynker, and thanks for the support you've given me on this forum.

Lynker, LPN

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Thank you Davey. I'm going to ask my manager that I need help learning some things when I start back up.