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I'm just started nursing school in May and we are starting assessments this Friday. Our chapter is over 100 pages long and it is alot to grasp when first looking at it. Does anyone have a "secret", "trick" or special way to remember the process of performing a head to toe assessments?

Anything will be helpful and appreciated!

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Start at the top, work your way down. If you miss something, go back and check it. Ask, look, listen, touch. Meaning: ask the patient if they have problems with this area, look at the area, listen to the area, then touch the area.


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it seems like a lot of information, but it is done head-to-toe primarily because people found that very little gets forgotten about that way. it is a visual way to check that you covered every body system. as far as the information being a lot to grasp, remember that you are new at this as we all once were. you must practice, practice, practice to become efficient and skilled at doing an assessment. it will take you years to become really, really good at it. we have a sticky thread on allnurses with a lot more assessment information on it including several weblinks pertaining to head-to-toe assessments that you might want to look at: - health assessment resources, techniques, and forms. assessment is extremely important because it is the first step of the problem solving process.


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Thanks Daytonight. I came across this thread after I posted mine. Thanks again!

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