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I have been accepted to both the ASN/ADN program at my local community college as well as an ABSN program.

I'm just wondering whether an ADN will truly limit where and how quickly I find employment after graduation. I have been doing a lot of research and keep finding different answers.

The ASN is one clinical course over 4 semesters, the ABSN is an 11 month program.

Besides the obvious cost difference (no debt vs $50-80,000 in debt), I'm nervous that the course load may be too much in the ABSN.

I'm hoping to eventually become a midwife or work in L&D but I feel like an ASN won't allow me to get a job like that until I complete an online BSN.

Any advice, comments or knowledge would be greatly appreciated.

mindofmidwifery, ADN

Specializes in ICU Stepdown.

An ASN could allow you to work in L&D, however, many of the positions I've seen require a year of nursing experience before working there. ABSN programs are very intense and tbh I wouldn't go that route unless you know you can do what it takes to succeed. Many nurses I know who went for their ABSN didn't work or have any other priorities throughout the entire program.

I'd probably do the ADN program to save the cash. You can always go back to school later.

In order to figure out what education is best for your area, look at job postings and see the requirements.

Thank you ladies. I think I am going to stick to the ADN program and then just jump into an RN-BSN program and go from there.