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Hey everyone! I am new to ALLNURSES. I am currently a student at Delgado Community College and will be applying for Charity School of Nursing for the Spring 2015 class. My grades are ok. I will hopefully have a 3.2 GPA after this semester and I have finished all my pre reqs for the program. My biggest concern are the two C's I will have on my assessment from my A&P I and II course. (I have all A's and B's in the rest of my pre req courses). I spoke with the director of the program last semester and she advised me not to retake those A&P classes because she has seen so many times people will try to go back and retake it and end up doing worse than with they started with. Has anyone applied to this program with a GPA of 3.2 and gotten accepted?

Please I need all the advice I can get! Thanks


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I mean not necessarily that program but I know that some of the programs close to me would let that fly. They say you can apply with a C in A&P 1&2, but what they really mean is " we'll throw your name on a list of A&B Anatomy and Physiology students and let you drown. It's sink or swim with these guys. C's get you on the list, B's make you competitive, but A's make you stand out.


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I will be applying for the Spring 2015 at Charity. I currently have all A's in my sciences and C's in my general education courses but im trying to pull up my GPA. I do have F's but thats in remedials tho. Do you guys think i have a chance to get in. I will be done wit all my pre-reqs at da end of Fall 2014. Im so confused because i was going to apply for the LPN program but i really want to be a Rgistered Nurse and it doesnt make any sense to waste 16 mos.


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Hi, I will be applying for spring 2015. As we'll. They judge wether you get in the program or not by profile scores, the higher your score the better chance of you getting in. You can find the rubric to calculate you score on the delgado website under charity school of nursing, it should say self assessment.


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Ehhh. I'm not gonna lie I don't think A&P with C's is that great. I mean you could get on the list but who knows. I know some people who still do get in with C. Again, it ALL depends on your school. Like the other poster said, some programs do let that fly. But having a C means you didn't really understand it that well and A&P is basically the foundation of health.. nursing in general. I would possibly ask a school advisor about it. Even though she says not to retake it, I would reconsider. Good luck in everything!