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I am new to this forum, and this is my first post.

I am currently struggling right now because I just finished my second year of college at CSU San Marcos. Unfortunately, I was not admitted to the program (traditional BSN), I am second on waitlist, but it is a very competitive program, so I doubt 2 people will drop eventually. I thought it would be best to look for other programs because the school told us that they are changing the application process and would not let my cohort reapply. My school suggested us to change our major, complete it and return for a ABSN. I would not like to take that route because it is very expensive and I do not have that kind of money.

Anyways, I have been looking for schools throughout here in Southern California for either a ASN or BSN, but I am highly concerned. I got A- in chemistry and A and P 1, and A in A and P 2 and micro. I think my science courses are ok, but my problem is my TEAS. Please don't judge me, but I got a 75 the first time and an 81 the second time. I know to many of you it is an easy test, but it was a very difficult exam for me. I did study for it, but I felt I did not study enough due to my other school work.

So my concern is, I feel I am not going to get accepted into another program due to my TEAS. I notice several community colleges, such as, Grossmont, San Diego City, MSJC, etc. give the most points based on the teas. I also notice these schools only take up to the second retake of the TEAS and will not allow a third retake. I am willing to retake my TEAS again, and yes I will study harder, the reason I did not study so much was because I wanted to do the best I could in my science courses. Please don't say you're just making excuses, etc. I admit, I am a bit of a slow learner, so I would take a lot of time reviewing for my science courses, and I know I do require more time to study for my TEAS.

Should I apply to the schools I mentioned even though my TEAS (V6) is not the best? Does anyone have any suggestions of another school? Do I still even have a chance at another nursing program?

More info about me:

I have proficiency in another language (Spanish)

I have been volunteering at a hospital over a year


English, Writing, Philosophy, Cultural anthropology A

Psychology A-

Statistics B

I have taken more classes, but I just listed the classes nursing programs check for the most, and no I have not yet taken pharmacology or nutrition. My overall GPA at CSUSM is 3.84

Any advice is highly appreciated

Thank you so much

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I think it was wise of you to consider your finances when you made your decision to stick with your major.

Your TEAS are honestly good enough and I wouldn't recommend you retake. Your stats look really good too.

Some community colleges admit students using a point system and you should Google the ones around you to see their requirements so you can be work within the system.

I looked up grossmont and they have a point system (click the link below)


Click the drop down menu (pages within nursing) then click on "Criteria for Admission Grid..."

It's a PDF, you can get 26 points just off your TEAS..highest you can get is 32. If you apply to get an associates degree with your school that's 5 points, with a cna license you get 5 points, you even get points if you can prove you're proficient in Spanish.

Your GPA is also high.

Look at the schools around and see what you can get. Pay attention to deadlines too, you can still get in for spring 2019. Good luck


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Thank you so much I appreciate your advice!

At most schools, being 2nd on the waitlist is almost a guaranteed admission. There are almost certainly many students who were accepted to your school who also accepted to other schools, so they will decline their spot at CSU San Marcos and opt for another school. Your stats are very strong and I think you have a good chance of being accepted at many schools.

I don't recommend the ABSN, because as you said, it's very expensive. It would also require you to earn a degree in another field and that is a waste of time.