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Help with application information

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Hi I am a freshman at CSU Chico and will be taking o-chem and micro in the fall of 2011, and will be ready to apply for the spring 2012 nursing program. i plan to apply to multiple schools, both in california and nearby states, but do you have to apply to the school a year before in addition to the nursing program the following semester? it is all so stressful and i am so confused, any help would be great thanks!

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Visit the school websites for the most accurate answers. Schools have different policies. Some may require you apply and are accepted by the school before you can apply to the nursing program. Others will have a joint application. Still others will need you to fill out two applications (which you should send in at the same time) for the school and the program. So there really isn't a good answer besides you will have to ask each school individually what the policy is.

Agreed. For each school you are considering you should be sure to talk to both the nursing department and the university admissions department. That will be the best way of making sure that you have all the information you need and don't miss any deadlines. Unfortunately there's no easy way to go about it. Good luck!

Hi Sarahbmay,

I took my nursing prerequisites at CSU Chico in 2006, when I began looking into the prospect of transferring. All of the schools that I remember looking at said that you have to apply to the university and to the nursing program concurrently. A good resource is the Board of Nursing Website to connect to all of the schools that have BSN programs (I'm assuming that's what you are looking for since you are at Chico) and see when they take applications. Call the schools and talk to the board of nursing directly to inquire what the likelihood is that you will get accepted into their nursing program as a transfer student. Also ask which schools offer nursing programs in the Spring as well (since not all schools do like Chico). As of 3 1/2 years ago, you are applicable to apply to CSU Long Beach and Azusa Pacific University (at least for the Spring, I'm not sure about Fall) as a transfer student, however, they usually give priority to students who are currently attending the school. I want to say that Cal Baptist and Mount St. Mary's, you had to have been at the school for at least a semester to a year to apply.

One of the problems I ran into, is that I had completed all of my requirements to apply for a nursing school, however, I was not applicable to the university since I was still considered a lower classman (SDSU requires you to have 60 units to transfer). APU allows you to transfer as an underclassmen and I feel like Long Beach had an exception as well. Another problem is that not all programs honor Chico's requirements, so you may have to take classes over. There's a website that outlines some of the classes that transfer you can google; I can't remember the link. Here's what I remember: A lot of school's want basic chemistry which Chico doesn't require, so if you can take that at Butte or another community college, that will make you more applicable. Unfortunately, chico's organic chem doesn't transfer everywhere either (I know Long Beach doesn't like their chem or o chem) so that could hold you back as well. APU doesn't accept the Critical Thinking Philosophy or Small Group Communications, however, all the nursing classes transferred. Some programs require additional requirements to apply such as Human Growth and Development and Sociology, so if you can take those at a JC, that might make you more applicable as well (make sure to check on the site I mentioned that they transfer to the schools you choose to apply to). In the meantime, if you can find somewhere to volunteer, that may improve your chances as well. I know it seems like a long process, but it will all work out in the long run. Good luck!

im trying to apply for chico state's program for spring 2012 and i was wondering if a 79-80 point is good to get in for the school? im sooooooooooooo nervous i must get into a school. i was not accepted to any of the southern schools for fall 2011 it was very competetive.

also does chico state accept TEAS IV version??


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