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Hello all fellow nursing students and nurses. I'm going into my clinicals next August, I plan to go into Hospice care. Can Anyone give me any and all info about things such as salary, ups and downs about this field . And any encouragment will be helpful. Thanks guys, I wish for all of you peace, joy, grace and strength.



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try they can give you rates for your area (city) and choice in nursing.

Also check out the hospic nursing forum!

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I don't know much about this field as a nurse. I have worked with many hospice patients as a paramedic though. It can be stressful at times with people dying and all. But I have learned a lot from my patients about dying and how people react to death. Working with these patients has made me more comfortable with my own feelings on death. I myself have considered this field after I complete my nursing degree. Good luck to you.

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