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Help!!!! Advice needed!!!

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Hi all! Brand new here and I have a couple questions that I would love some feedback for. I have recently taken and passed the TASC test (GED) I have always dreamed of a career in nursing and now that my daughter is going to kindergarten I feel it is the right time to pursue it!

My question is, do you think I should start with my LPN or should I start with my pre req's to go strailhead for my RN? My ultimate goal is to be an RN, but my thought process is.. is if I go to get my LPN at least I will have the experience under my belt to have more of a shot to get into nursing school.

What is your opinion? I live in upstate NY.


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Depends on where the jobs are in your area. If there's no jobs for LPN's then I would start an RN program. If there are LPN jobs, then I would do the LPN, work for awhile, then do a bridge program. If they use LPN's in local MD offices or urgent care, that may be what you would need for a more daytime/M-F job with your child in school.

Best wishes!

I live in upstate, also. I know how competitive ADN programs around here are. That being said, don't bother with LPN school if an RN is your goal. I'm an LPN working on returning for my RN after years at home with my kids, it's no picnic, and after all the work to get my LPN and years of experience, the ONLY credit given (and this would only apply if my work history was recent) is to skip ONE nursing class. LPNs are being phased out of acute care and relegated to long term care (nursing homes), outpatient settings (doctor's office), and some home care. One option you might consider is to matriculate at your local community college as non-nursing to get all of you general education requirements out of the way (and get good grades), then apply to ADN or BSN programs. Hope this helps.

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I am not from your immediate area, but I would say to just start with your RN. I would say do an ADN because it is cheaper then you can go to a 4-year program and get your BSN. You may not find the exact job you would like with an ADN, but you can always do online classes toward a BSN while working as an ADN. Plus ADN and BSN do not make that much of a difference in salary starting out. I hope this brought some insight. Good luck with everything.

Go straight for your ADN/BSN if you feel like you'll do well with your prereqs - you won't need the LPN experience if your grades are good enough


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