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Help! ADN or BSN?

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I have read other forum posts and websites online and I still find myself being more and more confused...I thought from freshmen year of college I could become a BSN nurse within 4 years. But I just realized thats 4 years + 2 years of prereq.

Would it be a good idea to get my ADN and becoming a RN? I would like to work as soon as possible as a RN.

(If getting the ASN and becoming an RN is a good idea I was planning on going after the BSN while working as a RN)

Extra info: I live in Florida if that makes any difference in employment rate of a RN with a ADN

LadyFree28, BSN, RN

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Before taking core nursing courses (which range up to 2 years), one still has to take pre-req's prior to the nursing courses, which are two years total.

I would get clarification of a 6-year BSN; most universities are a total of 4-5 years including pre-req's, and ADN programs can take up to the same amount of time.

Both programs are similar in nature, however, in FL, BSN is preferred in most of the major hospitals.

I will say the BSN is being the norm in most major cities and desirable areas; best to stay in your program, and get the BSN sooner rather than later.


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Hi Nate, I would agree with ladyfree. You will want to get a BSN, sadly enough. I know it's more expensive, but in the long run BSN new grads tend to have an easier time finding that coveted first job. You should be able to do the whole nursing program in 4 years. I don't know who told you it would be 6. It sounds like you're not yet admitted to your school's BSN program - so start the pre-req's (anatomy, physiology, etc) now! Be sure to get the best grades you can. Try to get into a hospital's nursing aide training program too. best of luck to you

Try to get a BSN if you can. I tried applying for my BSN before getting accepted to my ADN program. I wish I got accepted in the BSN program on my first try. However, I applied into the RN-BSN program after my ADN program. I have one semester left.

BSN in Texas have an easier time finding jobs especially if it is in the medical center.