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Now, I work in a heart surgery. This is a very quiet night. The patients who came here until now are ten people. They were all. I work here to prepare an electrocardiogram and artery photography. Let's associate by mail because it is very boring.

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Whats boring, I never get that in the ER

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Wish I had time to correspond. I'm at home and got stuff to do.

I actually had a boring night the other night too. I had only 12 patients on the unit, and NOTHING happend. I got my work done by 10:30 and did precious little but look at the monitors (no monitor tech for only 12 patients, of which 8 were telemetry). But I didn't complain.

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I love my quiet Nights (knock wood) as they are few and far between. Its good for us and the pt as we can give them more personal time.

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Good to hear from you again....

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