I am new here! I am just getting started with starting school. I have wanted to be a nurse for a long time, but held off on going because life gets in the way. I am currently going through a divorce and will have alimony for 4 years. I have some classes that will transfer, so I need to kick it in gear and get done while I can.

My only problem is I have two wonderful little girls and I can make it financially with the support of my soon to be ex, except for daycare. Anyone know of any grants/ or if there are any way to get loans if need be, to cover daycare costs?

I am going to try and work some to help, but I want to focus and get done with school and don't want to try and tackle being a single mom, working a lot, and going to nursing school all at once!



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Hi, and welcome! Check with your school's financial aid department. The first step is to file a FAFSA. You may qualify for Pell Grants and student loans. Depending how much your tuition is, you can get a refund from your financial aid, and then use that for childcare. Good luck!


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I'm not really sure if you could find a grant or scholarship that would cover the costs of daycare. If you are awarded a grant or scholarship it has to be used for school purposes such as books, tuition and supplies. If you go to school at your local community college they may have a daycare program for students with children. But it just depends on what your college offers. Like the previous poster said, you could get qualified for enough student loans where you would have left over money after paying your tuition. In my experience though with this, you only receive about $1,000 or so back. It's not a lot. And I get a hefty amount of aid. You might be able to get more when taking gen eds, but when you do actual nursing school your tuition will be mug higher and take up a lot more of your aid.


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Check with your state. Here in Florida in my county there is a program that pays for daycare or helps you pay it while you're in school. All depending on income. Some schools have daycare services too. Sorry about your divorce. Now this is your time to move on with your beautiful girls. Good luck!