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Is the certificate of secondary school so dignificant in applying fr the nursing job...please anyone tell me because I lost it.

Devon Rex, ADN, BSN

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I don't know what you mean. Please be more specific.

After high school, you get a certificate to go to university where you do your bsc nursing...when applying for a job after your bsc nursing, is that certificate required or it's only the degree that's required? Thanks.

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Perhaps try the world nursing forums?

HouTx, BSN, MSN, EdD

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Based on the terminology you are using, I am assuming that you are not in the US. Each country's nursing education process is different. Let us know what country you are interested in.


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I believe the OP is studying in India and looking to get a job in the US. Thus why I suggested trying world nursing forums.

They world nursing forums will be able to help you address paperwork and documentation for moving into the US.

Thank you soo much cp2013 and every one for the advise, actually I am from africa and doing my bsc nursing from india...ill be finishing in 2014 and am looking foward to work in any state of usa or canada...if any one can help me ill be very greatfull.