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Hello you lovlies.

Quick question Any of you currentl waiting On BCIS for approval on visa petition .If you r ,have you waited for a long time ? How long is the whole relocation process taken? Thanks for your effort


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Hi Caramel, just reading back thru these- my paperwork was filed on Sept 26th 2003 (after the attorney's office lost them for 2-3 months :o ). Filed in Texas, which is processing July 1st last year. Not holding my breath waiting to get to the USA in 2004. I began this whole process in Aug 2002- have stuffed around by CGFNS- need I go on!!! :chuckle

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For all of you trying to go to the US, west side of the country is taking a very long time. NY via the Vermont office is aobut 4 weeks. :)

But then again, you didn't ask for my opinion...... :)


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Hindsight is a wonderful thing! :rotfl:


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My papers got filed last week and I have been going on this journey since September 2002 :rolleyes:

I have been told that the worst case could be here in the UK for another 2 yrs :crying2: :crying2: So yep more waiting :angryfire

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