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My name is Shelly and I just joined this forum in hopes to find some information. I am DON of a very busy Rehab Center and ready to go into budgets. My biggest problem (other than getting staff) is trying to demonstrate to non clinical individuals how to measure acuity of the patients and why I need more nurses and clerical support. :uhoh3:

From some of the "posts" I see I might not be alone in this quest. If you have any recommendations or sites that may have such measurements, would you kindly let me know?

Thank you in advanced!

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Welcome to our allnurses bb home!

Copying your thread to General discussion area for more visability.

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WE use trendcare here in parts of Australia and there has been a fair bit of review on it.



This looks good



I know these links are Australian and it is not totally transferrable but it might help. If you need anything explained (our language is slightly different) please feel free to PM me.


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