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Just thought I'd drop in and say "hi"! I'd posted on the LPN board and then found this board (DUH)! My name is Anita and I am currently enrolled in a LVN program here in California. We have just finished our first 6 months (YEAH!).....one year to go!!! We go back to school tomorrow, after being off for two whole weeks!! Its gonna be tough to get back into the groove....getting up at 5:30am on Wednesdays for a 8 hour long theory day(7am-4pm) then running up to acute hospital, which is about 20 minutes away, getting all necessary info on now 2 patients, since we're going into Level 2 now, getting home (whenever I get home),doing my homework which will now consist of 4 nursing diagnosis, drug cards on both patients meds,and 2 lab or 2 xray cards for both patients....and then getting up at 4:30am to get to clinical at the acute hospital, which is 45 minutes away from me, by 6:30am (Sleep???? What's that!!!!). I CAN DO THIS!!!! It can be a bit overwhelming but generally the family is supportive...sometimes I do have to throw them the "evil eye" when they're getting out of hand and interfere with my studying. They already have learned that on Wednesdays, "LEAVE MOM ALONE!" It'll be worth it though when I graduate January 2003. What a celebration that'll be!! Well....hope to hear from some of you! Take care!


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I am just learning how much work it really is gonna be... Today was my 2nd day of my first semester of the RN program and WOW the work that I did the first night... :eek: But I have survived two days and will survive the the rest :D :D

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WOOHOO!!! And just think... it only gets better!



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Allright!! We can do this, right? Keep throwing care plans at us, yeah!! Nice talking to ya!!


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I have just got to share this with all of you. I started my 3rd year in a BSN program last fall and I had asked the clerk at the bookstore if any books not on my list would help me during my next 2 years. She suggested Nursing Care Plans (Guidelines for individualizing Patient Care) edition 5 the Authors are Marilynn E. Doenges, Mary Frances Moorhouse, and Alice C. Geissler. I tell you all this was my BIBLE and I will continue to use it forever. It was well worth the 44.95 I paid for it. Just thought someone might want to know, I sailed through all of my nursing care plans and had an Outstanding review for the semester. Too bad they don't give us a grade for clinicals!!!:rolleyes:

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