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Helene Fuld Camden Co. Nj


Hello to all NJ nurses, students, and pre-students; I'm new at this site. I just have 1 quick question did anybody get and acceptance letter for Helene Fuld S.O.N I'm having a little trouble with mail in my area and I'm on pins and needles praying for Good news:bowingpur

I received a letter from them a few days ago saying they are full for Fall 08 and that I'll be considered for Spring 09. (But I have decided to go to GCC in the Fall.)

Did you try calling them? I'm sure they'd tell you whether acceptance letters were mailed yet.

congrats to you, I called and they mail out letters on April 15th. I did not get a rejection or a acceptance letter yet, so hopefully I'll hear good news today if not I will call them during the week. boy I'm praying for good news congrats again to you:yeah:

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