Heart Healthy School booth


I have been asked to do a heart healthy booth/demo for our school in a few weeks (grades k-6). Any fun ideas that anyone has done before? We will have a smart board showing a beating heart but I am blank on anything fun for the kids to do/see.


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I did something on this a few years back. I taught the kids, how exercise increases pulse rate and then how to take their own pulse. I also did a bean-bag toss demo. I had kids volunteer to be "the body", left atrium, "left ventricle", "the lungs", the right atrium", and the "right ventricle". The goal of the game was to pass the beanbag in the correct sequence of circulation. The kids seemed to like it.

very cute! I like it! Love the pulse idea! Thanks so much!

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depending on your audience (as this may not be appropriate for the little ones) you can get a cow heart from the supermarket (usually if they don't have one they can get you one with a little notice and they usually cost less than 2 bucks, if they charge you at all).