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Healthpark in Ft Myers- internship?

:p Hello all, I am currently living in Maryland and will be finished nursing school in may of 07. We are planning on relocating to another state and I want to be a NICU nurse and healthpark in Ft Myers offers an internship for specialty nursing. Has anyone dealt with this before? I need to be South somewhere I hate the cold. I have also debated on Texas as well but am real interested in the internship program in Ft Myers and this is the first I have ever heard of this, but I hear aweful things about Fl pay and cost of living Any advice? Texas or Florida?


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Hey there..

I currently live in ft. myers and work prn in the icu's. I have to tell you that Healthpark is a great place. It's expanded and has all the state of the art equipment....

On the down side though...It's verrrrry seasonal. You're not exactly guaranteed hours, especially on the off seasons...Now I don't know about neonatal, but I do know that alot of staff nurses are off alot during low census in the summer.

Cost of living here is not cheap. As a matter of fact, I've been here a year and am considering leaving here. My apartments are going condo like most here, and there will be no affordable housing shortly. Even with my prn salary I can not afford it.

Well...you can pm me if you want and/or we can talk more....

Good luck


Hopefully you have not left maryland yet. My wife and I moved to florida recently. She worked at Hopkins, I worked at Sinai. We assuemd that pay would be comprable but were shocked that we took a 25% pay cut when we got here. It is that way throughout florida. Cost of living is more expensive too. We have worked at other hospitals in the state and it is the same throughout. If you want to leave Maryland we loved Phoenix. We went there on a travel assignment. The area is amazing, the people are great, and they actually pay nurses well. I do think housing is getting expensive and should be taken into the equation. Anyway, If I were you I WOULD NOT move to Florida. PM me if you have any questions.

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