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Healthcare still hiring

Yes, health care will always be hiring, but at the moment I know some hospitals are on a hiring freeze. They do still hire within though.

Ginger's Mom, MSN, RN

Has 41 years experience.

The positions I see open are for seasoned nurses. Obama promised the unemployed that they will have retraining so this is great for nursing and the Americans who are unemployed. Now the just need to fund the instructors so they can get paid what they would make working in a hospital.

They are hiring, but that does not make it easier for a visa for anyone to work in the US. That is where the issue is for one, as well as the fact that some facilities are having hiring freezes as well as lay-offs.

Add into this the fact that it will be close to five years if not longer before many have a chance at a green card, so why would a facility care to stake out that money knowing that there is no guarantee that one will get the green card either down the road. They are going to have to provide definite information to their Board of Directors for the expense and that is going to be hard for them to do at the very least.

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