Healthcare Compact. What do you know?


What is the general opinion on the Healthcare Compact that is being proposed? I've just recently become familiar with it. Just seems like it's an effort to put healthcare control in the hands of the state instead of federal government. Is this something we should support? Pros/cons? What are your thoughts?

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Are you referring to the compact for nursing licenses? If so, it's been in place for years, at least 19 states participate, and it makes moving state to state, or working across state lines much easier, and has nothing to do with the federal government.


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I believe she is referring to the Government's answer to healthcare crisis. I am not really up on it but since Fed government is almost bankrupt seems they need to do something but then I do not agree with each state handling it as some states are already worse of then the feds and others have many problems.. It would seem to me that states would make it more about the haves then the have nots.

It is scary no matter what they do.