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Health Visitor trying to be licensed in Canada!



i am so excited i found this forum and i hope that i will get lots of information.

recently i moved back to toronto, canada and i am looking how to get licensed and work in my profession. i have a greek bachelorette degree of a health visitor. to those who are not familiar with this term i must say that i am licensed to work in greece and give nursing help too! here is also a useful link:http://www.healthvisitors.com/hv/25/508

a few days ago i came in contact with the college of nurses of ontario where every nurse must be registered and after i made my questions they said me that they are not familiar with the term of "health visitor" and that i have to do a credential evaluation assessment in order to find out if the courses i had are similar and enough to become a registered nurse.

my question though is if i have to do this assessment or if it's not useful cause i won't ever be considered as aregistered nurse? the fees that i have to pay are a lot and i do not want to do that without at least earn a few credits and have some more courses in order tobecome a registered nurse.

some of the courses i had are pediatrics, anatomy, physiology, microbiology,surgery, pharmacology, orthopedics, nursing, oncology and many others!!!

i am also refering to the uk nurses cause in uk you have health visitors too and i am wondering if someone can help me!

waiting for your answers, please help me!

kind regards.

Silverdragon102, BSN

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UK Health visitors are RN's that did further course work to be a HV