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Health teaching resources


Sometimes students come to me with health questions like " I have high cholesterol what can I do to improve it?" I educate the students but I would like to give them more resources like a print out or websites kind of like discharge instructions. Are there any websites or resources anyone uses to aid them in education on health topics?

JenTheSchoolRN, BSN, RN

Specializes in School nursing.

I lovekidshealth.org. They have a site for parents, kids, and teens. I use a lot of their tools as inspiration for bulletin boards and have printed out some of their materials as a resource.

KeeperOfTheIceRN, ADN

Has 4 years experience.

I've used medlineplus.gov since that is the website I use at the hospital too for our discharge instructions. Kidshealth.org sounds like a good one too! I'll start using that one too!

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OK great! I have used them as well just wanted to make sure I am on the right track! I am going to check out more on kids health.org then because I definitely need some more inspiration for November bulletin board!

Thanks so much I will add that to my resources! I do like that kids health.gov has a teen, kids, and parent section because I have 1st through 12th grade so it is nice to have age appropriate information.