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What dance forms do you enjoy????????? What dance forms would you like to try?????????? So far- Middle Eastern dance, Flamenco, and Hula. Heading into Latin dance soon and the Latin dance... Read More

  1. by   teeituptom
    I like 2 stepping and square dancing
  2. by   teeituptom
    Quote from NRSINGED KAREN
    I would love to take a dance class, just haven't had time in my busy schedule
    You can always find time for dance classes, just commit yourself to the fun of doing so.
  3. by   RN4Nascar
    I love to do Hula. I also ride horses and get the horse to "dance" called Dressage. But I sure love to just dance to a great song esp from the 80s!!
  4. by   mmsparkle
    I just tried an afternoon workshop of Lindy Hop - It was AMAZING!!!
    I can't wait to try it again!
  5. by   HelenofOz
    Irish set dancing-think lancers & quadrilles a la "Pride & Prejudice" on speed, or as one friend describes it-extreme dancing, and my favourite set is the Balleyvourney jig set, then anything from Kerry.
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  6. by   HelenofOz
    As for what I else I enjoy, a good waltz, either dancing it, or just watching it. A waltz done well is a joy.

    I can be mesmerised by tango dancers and watch them for ages (not competition, I find that too stiff and artificial, but social dancers are very fluid, for want of a better word)

    and for good fun & hi-jinks, Morris dancers are great. Anything that involves men with bells on their legs and flowers in their hats trying not to hit each other with sticks in time to music, and beer, has to be good

    At Easter I go to the National Folk Festival in Canberra, and am quite happy to spend hours in front of the stage watching all the different types of dancers, though I sort of spoilt it for myself this year as I've joined an Irish set dancing group that performed there, so didn't get to see as much as I'd like, what with practising etc. but what an experience-starting my stage career at nearly 53!
  7. by   jahra
    Thanks so much to everyone for sharing your experiences
    with dance and the different dance forms you enjoy!

    Please keep the great posts coming!