Night shifter- constant morning bathroom breaks

  1. I'm only about 3 months into night shift and recently developed a new problem in the mornings only. It seems as though all throughout my day and shift I pee normally, then the second I go to lay down my bladder fills so quickly for what seems like hours and hours until about 11am or 12pm when I can finally sleep a little. I measured it one morning and in the span of two hours I had about 1000ml out... Then at some point my output goes back to normal where I feel the urge maybe every 3-4 hours until the next AM after a shift. My days off where I sleep at night I have no issue and sleep great! Never had this issue when I did 3-11 and would come home and sleep. I've been to the doc and he gave me meds for oab. These meds have seemed to help me during the later day and overnight but it's no use when I start diuresing in the morning, any thoughts ? Is it literally all in my head and I'm just so nervous e every time I get home in the mornings after work?
    Have tried experimenting shifts with zero caffeine and no water intake after 3am, didn't help at all.
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  3. by   Ruby Vee
    Are you drinking a lot of water (or coffee) in the last few hours of your shift or on your drive home to help you stay awake? I did this . . . sucks to be running to the bathroom so often!
  4. by   caliotter3
    Modify the timing and amounts of your intake to see if that helps.