I'm so embarassed but I know I shouldn't be...

  1. I am a bit stressed out. I'm in school right now and work has been bothering me, more so some of the idiots that I work with. And I'm just getting to the point where I am dreading going in and I get anxious about it. I do love my job. I love the SICU, I just hate some of my coworkers. I had to deal with immaturity and unprofessionalism the other night that ya'll would no believe. I mean they are posting crap all over the unit as a joke and we just had this huge meeting two weeks ago about how the complaints we are getting from family members about some people's unprofessionalism. Not only that, instead of being worried about keeping their job, they are worried that I am going to ruin all of their fun. Also, I got written up the other day, I infused tubefeeds via NGT rather that the J-tube of a patient who just had a whipple procedure.

    Now I'm extra on edge. I'm a good nurse damn it, I know I am. But I feel like the stupid issues at work are enough to drive me crazy. I've expressed a lot of my concerns with my manager and she is working to get the unit straightened out. I can't sleep sometimes and if I do, I sleep longer than I want. I can't concentrate, notice how I am just jumping all over in this stupid post. I am constantly worrying about things. I'm cutting myself off from a lot of people at work and working to make friends with people on the outside. And I always feel hungry. I seriously need therapy and need to get on meds but I'm so freaking embarassed to go to a doc regarding it. Don't know what to do.
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  3. by   nursel56
    Please don't feel embarassed to go to the doctor for meds and/or therapy, TurnLeftSide. You didn't cause this to happen. That myth keeps so many people from seeking help. I think all of us know of at least one person who's life spiraled out of control because of a misguided and false stigma. It may be that you are also still dealing with the death of your nurse friend.

    Be good to yourself, you are far from alone. Now, next time we hear from you--- it better be because you have you have set up an appointment!!! {{{TurnLeftSide}}}
  4. by   nursel56
    Hope all is going OK for you, TurnLeftSide
  5. by   RN1982
    Quote from nursel56
    Hope all is going OK for you, TurnLeftSide

    Thanks. I haven't made my appt. yet but I'm feeling a lot better. I worked out last night and went to bed for about 6 hours. I just think I shouldn't let work get to me. It stresses me out when I get more involved and I just need to learn that some of the people I work with will never change and will always remain immature..
  6. by   cocoon2butterfly
    Don't be embarrassed, lord knows the only way I made it across the stage at graduation was to get on medication, and therapy goes a long way, I seldom use the meds anymore...good luck!
  7. by   mhmc_2009
    maybe you should visit a doctor for your thyroid or check your blood sugar.....whatcha think?
  8. by   CassieCaseMgr
    Don't be embarrassed, just take care of yourself. I often tell my patients that they're the CEO of their lives, no one is going to look out for their own best interests to the extent that they should be. It's hard for me to take my own advice though, so I understand!

    Do what it takes to get through it and then decide what you're willing to maintain if their behavior continues. Keep taking the high road and others (those who matter) will take notice.

    Good luck!
  9. by   rierie
    Don't be embarassed. I think the majority of nurses suffer from depression at some point in life. It is our personality...to take care of others before yourself. Remember the better you are the better you can care for others. If you have never been on an antidepressant don't think it's a happy pill. You should still have emotions but not be anxious about every move you make.
    I teach nursing school and I know that 5 of 7 of us take antidepressants currently and all of us have taken them at one point in life. I thought that was very telling of the career...what do you think?
  10. by   jahra
    Quote from rierie
    Don't be embarassed.
    I teach nursing school and I know that 5 of 7 of us take antidepressants currently and all of us have taken them at one point in life. I thought that was very telling of the career...what do you think?
    At one point in a stressful nursing job, I sought counseling from an RN who was
    also a psychologist. It was very interesting to have her input on my situation.
    I placed things in perspective and she helped me arrange my transition from
    that job to a new specialty. I elected not to take meds because we agreed
    it was situational in nature. I would have taken antidepressants if indicated.

    She had many RN clients and acknowledged that for jobs that are so
    stressful, nurses do not get the support they need to cope with the
    array of challenges,situations,and interpersonal relationships they encounter.

    OP-Seek guidance from your MD or NP. Have a plan in case your sleep,
    appetite, and mood are affected. Take good care of yourself.
  11. by   rierie
    Very good advice and insight!