Autoimmune disease and working

  1. Anyone else have an autoimmune disease and struggle to work healthy? I work part time at an urgent care clinic, and find I have pretty much been sick and exhausted since October.

    I have been on the on the fence about going back to school for LPN-RN bridge, but then I think I am almost 47 and feeling like I am 80. How am I going to get through it and work 12 hrs shifts?

    i wish I could do phone triage as an LPN, or at least through the winter and then work in person through summer.

    Just wondering what others are doing ? How do you get through the winter?

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  3. by   motor_mouth
    I haven't had a flare since I went on medication. I'm currently working ~44-52hrs/week on average, sometimes 60. Yes, sometimes I am exhausted, but it's probably from just working so much. My lab work, for the most part, is still normal.

    You have to listen to your body. Maybe time to see the rheumatologist?
  4. by   rentiern
    Hi there. I was 45 when I decided to return to school to become an LVN. I was 45 years old with RA, Sjogrens, Raynauds, and a 10 year hx of Fibromyalgia. But I returned to school became an LVN took one pre req per semester (because had to work). I was accepted into a bridge program at the local community college at age 51, graduated with my ADN at age 52 and now work in a community health clinic as an RN. Mostly doing patient education, telephone triage, messages and nurse visits. This is the best career choice I could have ever made. I work 5 day 8 hour shifts and can sit most of the day. I get to use my nursing knowledge to help provide education in the ambulatory care setting. I was recently diagnosed with Hashimotos. I am still planning to start WGU RN-BSN next month. You can do it!!
  5. by   freesia29
    Awesome! Thank you so much! I figure there are more teaching or triage opportunities for an RN than LPN/LVN. Taking Spanish as one of my humanities right now, then only Chemistry and Microbiology left before I go on The waitlist. It's running about 1 year right now for LPN-RN. I will have a year and to focus on health and get stronger before having to worry about clinicals again. I only work. 4 hr shifts right now in urgent care, so I need to build my stamina back up!
  6. by   Savita67
    I too am an older nurse of 51, but Crohn's makes me feel ancient. Most days are challenging, especially when the bathroom calls immediately. Don't know any wise words to give, but I do understand you dilemma. Sending you well wishes and hopes of feeling better.