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Hello, so basically I am a fully online Health Sciences major. I originally attended GCU as a pre-nursing major and allowed life to get in the way and basically have a 2.04 GPA. I am aware that there is no way I can get into a BSN program with my grades. Would my next step be beginning an RN program from scratch while simultaneously finishing my BHS because I don't want all of my work to go to waste.

I am thankful for all feedback ! :)

Don't really understand what you are asking.... Is it that you are considering starting again at a new college with 0 credits and applying to nursing programs without disclosing the transcripts from your prior college work?

Basically yes, although I'm cringing at the thought I know going through everything once more will most likely make me a better nurse regardless.

Well, I'd say most colleges and universities, if not pretty much all, are going to request transcripts for any and all courses you've previously taken as part of the terms of enrollment. Failing to disclose this information often violates their honesty clauses/rules and, if caught, could mean you get dismissed from the school, any earned degrees from that school get revoked, etc, depending on their specific policies.

So it's not really possible to start completely from scratch unless you want to lie and hope it doesn't come out.

But why not just retake the classes you've done poorly in rather than retake everything? There are some schools that have a minimum overall GPA requirement but as long as you hit that minimum, admit based upon pre-req GPA. So you could determine with an advisor what classes you could retake to best improve your GPA. There may be some programs that do not allow second attempts for a course, but there are programs that do. You just would need to focus on the programs that best fit your current situation.

Community colleges typically have ADN programs and an LPN program, that you can bridge to an RN program almost right away. Don't hide schools you went to, because they WILL find out, it's not hard to do. A nurse with an ADN is still an RN, and as a new graduate nurse, the job is going to be 100% identical. Your BSN doesn't become helpful until you have some experience.

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